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During the past years Brunsgaard has specialized in creating access´ through scaffolding on locations requiring a little more than a standard solution.

We dare to say we are some of the best in the industry.

We have a large team of experienced and dedicated scaffolders, who all shares our goals for the best solutions, on time. Due to our extensive knowledge and experience, we deliver solutions all over the world – Often where high quality and extra know-how is required.

We adapt schedule, equipment, and solution into the specific task.

We are very aware of our competences – and therefore also aware of our capability and were to put our focus on projects.

We are specialized in the following industries:

  • Food Industry
  • Data centers and security
  • Wind and energy sectors
  • Medical industry

We are not like the others in the industry!

Professional scaffolder

Did you know that scaffolding is a 2-year paid vocational education –

Brunsgaard can give you the opportunity to be a part of exciting and unconventional assignments.

Many people have an idea of ​​what it means to be a scaffolder – often words such as heavy lifting, wear and tear, hard work and a tough tone of voice become part of the description. At Brunsgaard, we value our employees highly and every day we work purposefully to “stop attrition” by e.g. to teach correct lifting techniques and make auxiliary tools available. We also place great demands on safety both for our employees, business partners and sub-suppliers – safety first!

If you are interested in hearing more about us, you can contact :

Kion Kalhøj on phone +45 2535 7808

High quality is our priority

At Brunsgaard, we take pride in high quality. We believe in first class work and do everything to ensure this. To achieve our goals, we have implemented several initiatives that work together to ensure quality. As an example, our scaffolding department is supported by a dedicated technical department, which helps maintain a high standard and ensure compliance with documentation requirements in accordance with applicable laws and our certifications.


Our technical department is an integral part of our scaffolding projects, ensuring swift delivery of drawing materials that can contribute to smooth and efficient execution of the work. Our technical team does not work isolated but in close dialogue with project managers and installers to ensure that the process, both technically and in terms of planning, is coordinated before commencement.


At Brunsgaard, we have built up solid expertise in custom solutions that meet our customers’ unique needs. With our extensive stock of scaffolding equipment from Layher, we can realize almost any idea. With increased complexity, we perform detailed calculations to ensure that stability and load-bearing capacity are always optimal, regardless of the scaffolding’s design.


Brian Sandgaard - "Lange"

QHSE supervisor

+45 +45 2535 7813 at-sign bs@brunsgaard.as

Anders Brødsgaard

Project manager

+45 +45 2535 7806 at-sign ab@brunsgaard.as

Lasse Kold Pedersen

Project manager

+45 +45 2677 3008 at-sign lkp@brunsgaard.as

Tommy Ib Sandgaard

Head of sales and development

+45 +45 2535 7801 at-sign ts@brunsgaard.as

Kristian Falk

Construction engineer

+45 +45 6136 1855 at-sign kaf@brunsgaard.as

Kion H. Kalhøj

Department manager

+45 +45 2535 7808 at-sign kk@brunsgaard.as

Bjarke Hakmann

Head of sales and development

+45 +45 3057 1855 at-sign bha@brunsgaard.as


Brunsgaard is ISO-certified in quality, environment and working environment. In November 2022, Brunsgaard achieved certification within the three internationally recognized standards.

For all three certifications, Brunsgaard has committed to continuous improvement in the three areas.

Certification and control is handled by the independent certification body, Avansert, while the certificate itself is issued by AAA Certification AB in Sweden.

ISO 9001:2015 – Quality management system

For you as a customer, this means, that you are guaranteed a uniform quality in all our deliveries, and that we continuously improve our quality. All because we want to be the best – for your benefit. Through the processes with an ISO 9001 certification, we obtain an even higher quality than the one you know today.

ISO 14001:1015 – Environmental management system

All of you who uses scaffold, knows that recycling is the best step we can take for the environment. Scaffold materiel is 100 % recyclable. We also care about cleaning the scaffold parts, which is done with the most environment friendly products. Furthermore, we do what we can to minimize our transportation – that is both beneficial for the climate and saves time and money as a side benefit.

ISO 45001:2018 – Occupational health and safety management system

Our employees and their safety are essential for us. Without them our customers can’t get the scaffold solutions, they want. That is why it is very important, that we take good care of our employees and have a great focus on our working environment.  Why move one scaffold part at a time by hand, when a machine can move a couple of hundred kilos all at once – even without us touching the scaffold? That is both safe, easy, and efficient.


The DRA certificate is issued as proof that the lessor follows legislative requirements and works according to the industry standards for quality, safety and the environment, which the Material Section of Danish Construction has established.

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